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tv   Headline News  RT  February 10, 2013 4:00pm-4:28pm EST

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egypt has set for more protests from the opposition who threatened to storm the presidential palace in a fresh show of anger against the country's leader mohamed morsi. earlier in a week there were similar scenes of chaos and violence on the streets of tunisia where the assassination of a prominent opposition figure ignited outbursts of unrest with people blaming the islamist government for betraying the arab spring uprising. protests catcalls come from ca hopeful john brennan at a call information hearing amid fears of where the architect of the targeted assassination program could take america's spy bureau. and russia countdown to the twenty fourteen winter olympics the games promised to be unique not to mention the most expensive in history but huge overspending already costing a key organizer his job. good
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evening i'm lucy caffein of in you're watching the weekly here on r.t.e. . egypt's opposition groups are gearing up for more mass rallies against president morsi was threatening to storm the presidential palace the protesters are demanding that morsi uphold the goals of the world illusion that ousted hosni mubarak two years ago and what's increasingly becoming a similar scenario meanwhile an egyptian court has ordered the government to block the video sharing web site you tube in the country for a month citing anti islamic content true reports the decision is only likely to inflame tensions as the unrest continues there's been a lot of condemnation of the by protest movements who see you tube as
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a vital resource for disseminating information about human rights abuses by the security forces it's also an indication of an islam mind zation all egypt has been a number of quite controversial statements made by these hardline muslim clerics in the last few weeks including a religious edict calling opposition forces to be killed and a muslim cleric speaking to. justifying talks on egyptian protesters in tahrir square you have a very restive country here in egypt in the last few weeks especially since the second anniversary of the dunny went into five revolution when thousands gathered in the streets of egypt complaining that the president had mostly had not made key changes in demands of the revolution friday we saw more protests sponsored five days to security thousands of protesters gathered across the main running points in this in the country which devolved into clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces in the capital here by the presidential palace. the building
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with molotov there pushed by take us and with the comments bloody of violence in the in the governor. that's an awful shake as well as violent clashes and. we have more protests on the horizon with further expected violence we don't see this finishing anytime soon egyptian journalist and blogger while eskandar says many people in the country feel their freedom. as are being cut back by president morsi and has our lives but the muslim brotherhood right now is trying to do is restore autocratic rule and much like the mubarak method of governing and i think the way the political actors see it is that mubarak was not ruthless enough and did not climb down on freedoms enough to sustain israel and this is what they're trying to remedy the you tube verdict comes in light of. you know many other decisions that clamp down on freedoms and it's no surprise that they will try to install the infrastructure necessary to clamp down on. various websites that
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they see as a threat to their rule we're we're going to see more waves of protests and we're going to see more violence because if you look at the situation in egypt the regime did not die the symbols just changed we just have new people following the same rules. you have wasn't the only arab spring country plunged into turmoil this week a wave of violent protests swept through tunisia following the assassination of a secular opposition leader dozens were injured more than three hundred detained during the rallies which ended with anti-government demonstrators clashing with police parties very often osha has been following the dramatic developments in the tunisian capital forty eight year old lawyer shockley ability to criticize the islamist government for creating a really just state in tunisia and to bury in democracy now the light is dead but his ideas are not in the museum crees the country has been in crisis economic
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political and social the ruling troika how to chone it's been a year in a huff but we didn't see any progress the death of all come right becomes the last june. anger moved to the streets with protesters demanding the authorities and they both to protect its citizens to leave. so i'm crying because below he was a symbol of dignity and a symbol of the defense of the country this is a political assassination and that means the violence is not over because your people accuse your the interior ministry said that of one million and they have joined the ceremony that turned into a political manifestation people said that if the crowd reached the city center it would have been the last day of the government. as your attend the funeral of shockey belayed on friday after the seventy try to make their way to the city is made of and you have to continue to cut and run tests if they were not allowed to do that at least use tear gas immediately that day is such
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a siege is packed with people but slogans we're hearing are completely different. carry an islamist flags people masterly in support of the ruling and not a party the local branch of the muslim brotherhood police were at the scene to protest and demonstrators this time this reverse gathering didn't pull more than five thousand participants but the government used this to illustrate that their position was still strong looking at the big men didn't prove that people support and believe our party. over but. they try to say face but don't have the choice they lost credibility and have no choice but to dissolve the government which is by de facto dissolved already. standing on the brink of a political crisis prime minister proposed to form a new cabinet consisting of neutral politicians his own party rejected the plan and
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cruz and anxiety over possible further split and fears are growing that the political divisions may lead to even more victims always threaten to another guy from the opposition was attacked at the funerals i don't want to panic and exploit that person but there is a list of people those who fight for the revolutions principles liberty democracy dignity we're all in danger two years ago tunisia became the first nation to have an arab spring revolution that has been hailed as a success story praised for the minimum of violence and turmoil but as we watch the country face a political implosion it may be only now that this brain that has been wound up tightly it's been sprung for three days clashes between police and protesters shook the country leaving many injured and cars burnt out across the city but it all finished as quickly as it started just hours later the capital looks empty and come
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and the loudest noise here at the moment is sound of birds twittering. t. . emery are still in the country she is giving us up to date where her twitter feed now in one of her most recent post she reports on a political crisis in tunisia saying the prime minister is still aiming to reshuffle the government despite the fires from his own party that he's promising to resign if the new cabinet isn't approved. president obama's nominee to head the cia the architect of the controversial drone program faced a senate confirmation hearing this week well critics accuse lawmakers of giving john brennan an easy ride some members of the public did not the session was interrupted several times by protesters against brennan as the driving force behind the so-called targeted killings operations human rights activists claim the use of drones against suspected terrorists is unlawful and leads to a high number of civilian casualties after the chairman ordered the demonstrators
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to be removed lawmakers questioned brennan on the torture and cia shortcomings others seemed reluctant to challenge him on his answers scholar and author collin county says that to give evidence because his confirmation hearing could set in troubling i said. this was a complete with our constitutional rights. and he will reject you. and you know within minutes really should. do you need is there usurping the. mind of just. and so we can be good jury and. it wasn't a brawl without them having their court we can say they are jurors and we can kill and dangerous this is wonderful and we look like ministrations says we can determine who are the jurors then that means they go anywhere and kill any american citizen. without any trial without any problems and that is
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a very dangerous precedent. john brennan is now up for a closed door hearing to iron out sensitive technicalities but the debate is already brewing about what direction he can take the cia already is going to she can reports. in the shadows know more drones are moving into the mainstream was drone makers in the u.s. military pushing to defend the killing machine drones are more properly titled remotely piloted vehicles allow us to do is to project capability without projecting vulnerability in their revolutionizing warfare by allowing us to see and keep you from half a world away a major drone manufacturer lockheed martin has financed an hour long documentary on drones aired recently on u.s. public television counting the technological capabilities of the killing machine from trailers like this pilots of the predator and its larger cousin the reaper
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have killed thousands of individual since two thousand and one using remotely piloted aircraft contrary to popular belief actually provides the greatest degree of ethical oversight for their use of this young man in pakistan would probably disagree several of his family members died at the remote hands of a drone more than a thousand other civilians were reportedly killed by u.s. drone strikes in pakistan and yemen we find ourselves murdering people in many cases children with no evidence whatsoever that they're involved in any criminal or terrorist activity the. numbers should not come as a surprise considering the broad definition the obama administration gives us to who should be on their kill list the leaked memo on targeted assassinations on the u.s. justice department suggests the u.s. government can kill people even without evidence that they are actively plotting against america somebody a u.s. citizen or otherwise is believed to be thinking something that could lead to
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actions against united states then this illogical logic would present the idea that it would be ok for the president to order that that person be killed despite the u.n. raising concerns about the legality of the use of drones the u.s. has said to expand its remote control warfare setting up new drone bases across the world drama has redefined war there an intervention in libya he made the case that the war powers act in a private because there is no risk to american soldiers and so under that rationale he can expand the global war while in his state of the union address queening that we don't need perpetual war for peace but it is perpetual war when you can drop bombs on any country and then claim that it's not lord john brennan often referred to as the architect of the administration's drone war counts the new opportunities for the u.s. to wage wars without risking american lives there's another reason a targeted strikes can be a wise choice to strategic consequences that inevitably come with the use of force
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. as we have seen deploying large armies abroad won't always be our best offense all in all the u.s. now has around ten thousand drones in its fleet not all of them carry weapons of course a lot of them are for surveillance both domestic and international there's a great push both from the administration and the drone makers to present them as america's next best thing john brennan if confirmed will soon be at the helm of the cia and no one doubts that under him the program will expand even further in washington i'm going to. be back with more news after a short break stay with us. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for langley you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harkin welcome to the big picture.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images for world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are all today.
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the captain of here will this week saw days of strikes in spain as tens of thousands of teachers and students voiced our anger over education cuts but the government seems on a move by the crowds and says it is committed to belt tightening measures as it struggles to dig the country out of its debt hole now the message from the people of spain was echoed on the streets of ireland where thousands united in a massive show of anger against severe austerity measures tough cuts were implemented to please ireland's creditors the country's been relying on a joint e.u. international monetary fund loan since two thousand and ten. angry crowds have been spoiling the mood of leaders as they celebrate a historic budget deal cutting the blocks spending for the first time ever now it was sealed out after hours of debate and big rain however the deal left the
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european parliament unimpressed with its members m.e.p. is now planning to block it in a private vote economist james matter way weighs in. constitutionally the well within their rights to reject the thing and send it back and have another go at writing this no whether they actually do that will probably depend on the fine print of the budgets are already reserved to the quality of the said he would be able to support the stealing and the heads of one of the major groups in the heart of the socialist group said that they were likely to be supported so it's going to be rocky reuter think this budget over the next few months cameron's right talk about this being like a reduction in a credit card limits and of course you can have your credit card limit reduced and still spend on spending more money you know that's almost certainly what's going to happen to britain over the next few years the amounts that britain is expected to pay into the may need for and will increase as a result of increased payments to a new member countries so he's going to pretend that this will show how britain can
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still be a force in europe how we can push the rest of europe around this glosses over the fact of course that he would have got anywhere in this without the support of angle of merkel in particular so he can he can try to push that line the you know he knows what he's doing to europe and that we don't need to go so far as to step out of the european union but i wouldn't see the more euro skeptic members of his own party being particularly impressed by any of this in mali a french and government troops are battling the islamist militants in the northern city of gal the area had been were taken from the rebels by the french backed government forces a fortnight ago earlier the city was rocked by two suicide bombings although only the bombers themselves were killed in the attacks the latest violence is speeding fears of a harvest insurgency a friend says that his campaign in mali is almost complete after rebels were pushed from their positions into the desert two weeks ago but john lalan from the paris institute of democracy and cooperation believes the mali intervention could be part
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of a wider campaign for western domination of africa. i think the two main characters in this drama to strengthen the role of lead to. in stage in particular because of you know your audience and also the american strict future plans for africa it's important to know that america which strongly supports from this mali and intervention has plans for establishing a military presence for the military control over the whole of the african culture that some people speculate it used to produce but this was america leading from behind that america decided to put forward its european allies to do as it were it's just like the security of energy resources is one of the key factors behind many if not most of it a little bit of a stick and that's why i say that the of course the issue of. carbons and other energy sources is
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a key. be the decisive factor on to some other world headlines in brief right now. the multibillion dollar missile defense shield that the u.s. is deploying in eastern europe may not be able to protect america from a possible strike from iran serious flaws in a system were revealed in studies the defense department is preparing for a congressional briefing russia has long been critical of the missile shield close to its borders that the u.s. insists is aimed strictly at preventing the attacks from iran and north korea. at least twenty people have been reportedly killed in a stampede at a railroad station in northern india after a crowded overpass collapsed local media say the death toll could rise the accident occurred as tens of millions gather on the banks of the ganges river for the cool. festival. in the u.s. a one million dollar reward is being offered for any information leading to the
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arrest of l a x l.a.p.d. officer who has declared war on his former colleagues as the fourth day of the manhunt for christopher dorner the dismissed officer is accused of three murders officials promise they will look into the fugitives allegations of racism corruption among his ex colleagues that has created an uproar on the internet. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta had acknowledged this week for the first time that he backs arming syrian rebels the plan was put forward last summer by senior u.s. politicians but was reportedly rebuffed by president obama russia's envoy to the un told r.t. that despite this washington still bears some responsibility for what's going on in syria but ali hearkens exclusive interview is coming your way at midnight and g.m.t. but here's a quick look but they are not as these chose to stay clean of the bad guys at some point of the grocers' the did realize it seems that things going very wrong you
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know that various terrorist groups were coming in that the radical islamists are where we were active and the original scenario they had in mind that it would take just in a couple of months to topple the assad regime and then sort of democracy will draw your own force completely unrealistic but i mean do notice this is an extremely powerful country definitely with a lot of an influence on for example such a country as qatar which is reportedly the main source of weapons and support for for armed opposition so the further the simply see themselves are not doing that does not does not really absolve them completely from responsibility of what is happening on the. web privacy in the u.k. could be compromised if the government pushes on what is plans to spy on citizens on the internet a document described as
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a snoopers charter would allow authorities to track people's internet activity and mobile phone use the government explained that the bill was crucial for national security but the draft proposal has sparked fears among britons as some believe the monitoring of personal data is simply a step too far jim kilo of the open rights group thinks they'll be no place beyond the reach of the state. snoopers charters a bill that would allow the government to collect data about everybody online and data mining that data so it's not just about the guilty it is not just about records being kept it's not just about serious people serious criminals who need to be tracked it's about the potential of anybody in law enforcement to get hold of any information about anybody just about anything that you do would be detectable through the information trails you leave we need the home office of publish detailed proposals so that we can see whether they're in
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a way workable what the damage would be and have a proper serious debate about those proposals and if folks are people right to think that these proposed laws are a serious invasion of privacy and we're going to add to our website and have your say on what you think would happen if the government manages to push the super sharjah through. but like a distant olympic dream for russians has now become a very close reality a countdown has kicked off across the country marking the one year before russia hosts its first ever went to ireland games but celebrations and praise for the unique facilities built from scratch went hand in hand what harsh criticism for overspending and missed deadlines r.t. as andrew farmer reports from sochi. fireworks lit up the sochi sky this week marking exactly a year to go before the winter games begin since two thousand and seven piece by piece the city has been putting its elim picturing together in the company in
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charge of construction says russia will be ready and. we plan to introduce all the facilities before the games start training facilities are ready practically all of them of hosted test competitions all hotels and limpid villages are in the final phase of construction being referred unfurnished the show jewels to open in the autumn we plan to complete construction long before the end of the year said personnel can train a managers can gain experience in providing a good service however such a vast undertaking has not been without its problems presentation was in the region this week to check on progress and was taking no prisoners the ski jumping center the only being not yet up and running and it sparked this exchange with russian olympic officials are the costs of this whole facility costing us what's the overall. picture initially we were assessing the amount of. what's
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a rough estimate. this initial price of one point two billion. one point two billion has turned into a billion yes well done good work let's move on. it resulted in the sacking of a key member of russia's limp dick committee at fifty billion dollars the sochi games will be the most expensive in italy. history they have cost ten times more than the last winter games in vancouver and ten million dollars more than the games however the results can already be seen and they are impressive if you do take a quick look around you can see what money can buy at the center of the olympic park which is six pennies all within a stone's throw of each other to host the curling the skating and the ice hockey and this is the june in the crown the bolshoi i study. the past the reno boys she strikes spectacular skating show i was part of the countdown celebrations and in
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a year's time it will host the in the ice hockey finals in the she so tropical like ation the slogan for thought she twenty fourteen is hot cool your top because you don't think pakistan by the black sea there i'm cold because all the alpine events or take place in just forty kilometers away. progress is rapid that the road toward resorts has sprung up from nowhere to become the home of alpine skiing biathlon and cross-country courses have also been created along with the bob slate track and a road a rail only but i spectators to get from the mountains to the coast in just a few minutes thought she itself has undergone massive upheaval as kilometers of road am rail lines are put in place a new hotel it's all built but the mayor believes the region will reap the benefits for years to come our residents are aware of the conditions they have to face during changes especially. we certainly have many inconveniences because there's
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not a single street in sochi without renovation going on the roads are regularly dug up which causes traffic jams all the time however the residents are aware that it's necessary for their future brilliant future. than has been overhauled in just six years but the transformation most complete in the black sea resort believes it can and will deliver the games to remember this time next year andrew farmer. softy. lympics spirit also reached new york this week where u.n. chief bonking moon joined the celebrations at the organization's headquarters for those of you have the extra cash to spare and want to see the sochi games in person tickets are already on sale of vailable online.


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